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Focus Energy Solutions

Focus Energy Solutions is not a BAS or DDC supplier; we are an independent BAS advisory, project management and commissioning organisation specialising in energy management and improvement of the operation of building services through retro commissioning and system tuning. We review the operation, control and performance of equipment that uses energy within major buildings such as HVAC, lighting and other major power consumers with a main focus on BAS control.

We recommend and implement strategies and improvements ensuring the right balance between optimal comfort conditions and energy consumption. Most of our team have worked for many years in the Building Automation and Energy Management industry so are able to identify and implement the optimal solutions based on many years of training and hands on experience.

We are a team of experienced systems providers from a range of building services backgrounds specialising in achieving solutions for our customers, with a predominate focus on the components that have the greatest impact when controlling and monitoring building services and management of energy consumption.

In addition to design and consulting we operate as Project Managers to implement our recommendations and also perform the role of Independent Commissioning Agents to assist in achieving Greenstar accreditation on major projects.

Focus Energy Solutions is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia employing several accredited Green Star Professionals.

The Focus Energy difference is that we have a broad experience in many systems and suppliers, based on a clients desired outcome we are able to independently review and select the optimal solution and provider based on performance, value for money and capability.

Focus Energy don’t just specify outcomes in a document for tender, we ensure that these outcomes are delivered. We take a hands-on approach to our projects in terms of system selection, performance specification, supplier interviews, review and selection, project management, commissioning, documentation and defect free handover.

We take pride in our work, and our results speak for us. If Focus Energy is responsible for a project our clients can be assured that it will be completed with only quality products, defect free, reliable, efficient, presentable and documented correctly.

Green Building Council of Australia

Launched in 2002, the GBCA is a national, not-for-profit organisation that is committed to developing a sustainable property industry for
Australia by encouraging the adoption of green building practices. It is uniquely supported by both industry and governments across the country.

Mission The Green Building Council’s mission is to develop a sustainable property industry for Australia and drive the
adoption of green building practices through market-based solutions.

Objectives Its key objectives are to drive the transition of the Australian property industry towards sustainability by
promoting green building programs, technologies, design practices and operations as well as the integration of green building initiatives into mainstream design, construction and operation of buildings.

Focus Energy Solutions is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia employing several accredited Green Star Professionals.

For more information on Green Building Council of Australia, visit their website

NABERS Accredited Assessments

NABERS (the National Australian Built Environment Rating System) is a performance-based rating system for existing buildings. NABERS rates a commercial office, hotel or residential building on the basis of its measured operational impacts on the environment.

    The buildings we live and work in have a measurable impact on our environment.
  • Energy is used to provide lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation.
  • Water is used for washing, drinking, for toilets and air conditioning.
  • Waste is generated.
  • Occupants are affected by the quality of the air in buildings.
  • Local biodiversity is affected by the construction and tenancy of buildings.
  • Natural storm water flows are redirected and often concentrated.
  • Toxic materials may be present in buildings.
  • People travel to and from buildings, often in greenhouse gas-emitting vehicles.

Building owners, managers or occupants can manage and reduce these environmental impacts.
NABERS is designed to provide you with a simple indication of how well you are managing these environmental impacts compared with your peers and neighbours.

Focus Energy Solutions are able to recommend or engage NABERS Accredited Assessors to independantly assess and rate a buildings performance. Based on this rating we can offer improvements strategies and solutions to increase this rating on behalf of our client.

For more information on NABERS, visit their website